Wolfybeds are a great option for any pooch who needs to be pampered. These luxury dog beds offer exceptional quality and value as well as being durable for the more active dog in your pack. Wolfybeds are made from top materials like luxury fleece and faux suede. Each design is given extra padding with fully covered bolsters and wrap-around fabric because your dog deserves to sleep like the prince or princess they are! Our luxury dog beds UK gives British canines the advantage over their American counterparts! These beds come in a variety of sizes and colours so that you can find the bed which suits your dog’s personality and physical dimensions.

Luxury fleece helps keep the cold out and give your pet a soft, warm material to snuggle into whether they are at the puppy stage or all grown up. It simulates the feeling your dog would get from snuggling with a pack of dogs, giving them comfort and exceptionally good sleep. Dog beds are an important part of dog ownership – they provide a safe place for your dog to hang out and just be a dog as well as a quiet area from which they can watch the world go by.

Bolsters are must-have items for senior dogs because they offer extra cushioning in all the right places for tired old bones. Every dog loves the added support provided by a bolster, and little dogs and puppies can find their own lhiding spaces within the padded sides of luxury dog beds. There are wraparound models of our luxury dog beds UK as well as cradle versions to suit your room layout and your dog’s size. Wolfybeds are the best luxury dog beds UK whether you have a little tiny teacup dog or one the size of a wolf!